Bahan Bumbu Batagor Saus Kacang

Bahan Bumbu Batagor Saus Kacang – It is not certain what the reason. But some researchers reported that carrots are not safe when consumed for children, especially infants. So, it is recommended that you only give carrots with small portions for children.

These side effects may be counter of the benefits of resep risoles carrots to prevent diabetes. People with diabetes better avoid the consumption of carrots because they contain a high sugar content. If still wants to eat carrots, then eat in small quantities.

Excessive eating carrots will affect the color of the skin due resep batagor to pigmentation are not perfect. Of change of skin color is caused by the body gets karetonoid excessive intake.

Cause problems in the stomach
Carrots contain fiber and carbohydrates are quite difficult to be digested by the intestine, eventually the rest of this nutrient will be fermented in the large intestine that causes the formation of gas in the intestine, causing abdominal cramps, bloating, and gas deposits. pisang goreng oleh oleh bandung.


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